Dark Souls 2 for PC

Dark Souls II is driving its brutally tough nails into the hands of consolekin next week, but what about the One True Platform that birthed the very notion of difficulty, games, and, indeed, souls? PC gamers, it turns out, are facing the sternest test of all: a wait. Our version won’t release until late April, but we do get some added perks this time around (instead of, you know, one of the most lackluster ports in recent memory). It’s not much, but better textures and an improved frame rate will be much appreciated, methinks. New trailer below.


The Steam version is narrowly roll-dodging away from next week’s console launch… and right off a cliff down to April 25th. Here’s what we’re getting for our troubles:

“Dark Souls II’s PC & STEAM version will benefit from PC capabilities with increased texture resolution and an enhanced frame rate option. On top of that, FromSoftware have been working to perfectly adapt the game for a mouse & keyboard combo.”

So the very, very basics in other words, but I won’t say “no” to PC-exclusive features. Will they be worth an almost questionably lengthy wait? Time will tell.

Really though, the bigger question is whether Dark Souls II will end up being spoken of in the same hushed, fearful tones as its predecessor, and the jury’s still very much out on that one. I would like to hope so, but The Experts are saying it’s ever-so-slightly different in a ways that may or may not be worse. We’ll see.

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Dark Souls II was developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai. Our review is based on the Xbox 360 version. It also available for the Playstation 3 and the PC.